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What to expect

I am an integrative and trauma informed therapist, trained to apply a number of theories and approaches to my work. These include person centred therapy, psychodynamic therapy, transpersonal therapy and mindfulness. I am also trained in somatic trauma therapy,applying mind-body healing to regulate the nervous system and aid with trauma recovery. This enables me to tailor my approach to what an individual needs at any one time.

During the first session you will be invited to tell me what brought you to seek help and what your expectations are. You will be welcomed whatever you bring, there is nothing too big or too small. You may be looking for long-term therapy to explore your whole person at depth, or you might prefer to focus on one area of difficulty with 6 to 12 sessions.


My intention is to provide you with an opportunity to reflect and grow. It is not about giving advice but about being alongside you in moments of difficulty, helping to guide you throughout our work together. I endeavor to always bring the conditions essential for building trust and providing you with a good experience of therapy, these include:

Feeling welcome and safe

I offer a warm and confidential space, to help build trust so you can feel safe to bring whatever is on your mind.

To be heard and understood 

I will listen to what you bring. Helping you to explore your difficulties without the fear of being judged. Allowing you to reflect and move forward.

A professional service

As a member of the BACP I work in accordance with their Ethical Framework, including confidentiality, ethics and ensuring your best interests stay at the heart of our work.  

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